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.ZONE is the Internet domain that is used to describe a different distinctions, like time zones, the zone diet, and thermal zones, to zone defenses and end zones. Whatever the application, .ZONE offers a unique, relevant, and memorable domain for any person, group, or business related to zones. You cab use .ZONE as a market niche or as a sports, science, or technology webpage or blog. The .zone generic top-level domain is an all new general purpose namespace, and is perfect for entertainment venues and fan-support blogs. This domain extension can be registered worldwide without any restrictions, and is a memorable naming alternative to .com, .net and the country-code top-level domains. Use it as the primary domain for your blog, business or email address, or try it out as a fun addition for specialty marketing campaigns and landing pages. A .zone website is perfect for any site that desires to be the go-to resource for their industry, or specialist area. Movies, music, sports, hobbies, food, construction…every facet of life needs a specialist .ZONE.

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