Dedicated Servers

Configure dedicated server exactly to your liking!

Performance of your VPS server is not sufficient for your needs? Choose a dedicated server from our special offer!

We do not offer previously prepared configurations – we give you possibility to create a server exactly for your needs. You get to choose from a few basic platforms that will determine the general characteristics of a future dedicated server. Selected platform will put the appropriate number of disks, and then you add as much memory as you need. We also offer the option of adding a HW controller and Windows or Linux operating system.  The total price of the monthly fee is calculated directly in our online configurator. After making an order, your server will be ready within 3-4 days. If you do not want to wait, you can simply choose one of our VPS servers. If you are not satisfied with this offer, please contact us. We can prepare an unique offer for you, even hundreds of gigabytes of memory and dozens of disks.


Main advantages:

  • No activation fee
  • Install selected OS by yourself with the help of a DVD or let us do it – completely free
  •  A wide range of Linux and Windows Server distributions and other Microsoft software
  • Online configurator and a wide range of storage servers
  • Remote access via IPMI or KVM
  • Professional data center with separate electrical supply, central UPS and diesel power unit
  • 100Mbps line with the aggregation of 1: 4 and unlimited data transfer on each server
  • Well-known Supermicro servers
  • Single public IPv4 address included in price and any number of IPv6 addresses given on demand
  • Without contractual commitments – only monthly fee (first period is 3 months)

Server Management at a competitive price

Do you want to maintain a dedicated server under our supervision? Order the comprehensive management of our non-stop  monitoring center! You will not have to worry about the break down of your server, which will be under the professional supervision of our administrators. The price of service is determined on the basis of the price of the server (30% of the monthly server price, a minimum of 12 €), and thus automatically adapts to your needs.

Test Microsoft software for 30 days for free

On each dedicated server, there is also possibility to run any Linux distributions. In the case of the Windows operating system, we offer additional Microsoft software at affordable prices. If you want to try them first – it is also not a problem! We give our clients possibility of testing the operating system for 30 days! To read the monthly fee of certain Microsoft softwares, please contact us.

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