VPS Virtual Server

VPS Virtual Server – individual solutions according to your needs

We offer VPS Virtual Servers with a wide range of Windows and Linux operating systems designed in standardized “packages” based on the possibility of combining the VPS virtual server parameters according to what you need. During the configuration of your VPS server you can select the number of CPU cores, the memory size and disk space configured exactly according to the actual requirements of applications running on the server. This helps saving money, because you don’t have to pay for additional resources your applications don’t use – like in the case of other VPS provider competitors, who offer ready “packages”.  As part of the delivered solution is a comfortable web interface, which makes the management of all services and servers very convenient.  Our VPS virtual servers are running on physical servers, which are reliable, high-performance,  multiprocessor SuperMicro servers. Our physical servers are using Intel Xeon quality with efficient KVM virtualization solution.  All of our physical servers are located in a newly built data center in the center of Prague; thus, the environment is fully air-conditioned, with modern fire protection system, backup power supply using diesel generators and completely secured high-capacity connection to the Internet.

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The main benefits of the service:

  • You can try out our VPS service for 5 days, free of charge
  • Choice between Linux or Windows operating systems
  • Significant economic advantages on the contrary of using your own hardware – from 2,70 € / month.
  • Automatic activation and virtual installation of the server within an hour of the order
  • Customize your virtual server according to individual needs and wishes
  • Use of branded physical servers with high reliability
  • High service availability by massive technical background
  • Ability to easily change the parameters of the virtual server
  • Custom API interfaces to each virtual server
  • Friendly web interface allowing full control of your virtual server

Axfone virtualization offers its customers plenty of options. As a basic installation of virtual servers, the company offers Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu etc) and Windows operation systems. Of course there is a choice between 32 and 64-bit architecture. The customer gets full “root” privileges to the virtual server, so he has full controll of the machine at any time for installing the required softwares or changing any settings. Part of activation is the ability to perform a fully automated installation of the selected Linux distribution or MS Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition and Windows Server 2012 Datacenter operating systems, but of course there is also the option to reinstall the server “by hand” according to customer needs.  Operation of all functions is possible with the help of a convenient web interface or via VNC program. The client therefore has full control over your server as well as the physical machines while maintaining all the benefits of virtualization. Finally, the customer gets an API interface to each server and has the possibility to implement a fully automated remotely controlled server directly to the client system.

Try the virtual server for 5 days, totally free! Test it right now:


Technicals solutions of Axfone VPS

  • Custom API interface to each server
  • Choice of Linux distributions FEDORA / CENTOS / DEBIAN / UBUNTU and Windows Server
  • 1x IPv4 a 16xIPv6 address in the price of each virtual server
  • Friendly web interface allowing full control of your server
  • Possibility to connect to the virtual server using the VNC console on the web interface and from your PC

VPS Virtual Servers - general information

Virtual server (or VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server) is defined as an image of a machine, which exists only as a model in a seperate physical machine. The technology enables one physical server to be ditributed into multiple virtual. Using this method is not restricted to the provided services and the expected level of expertise on the part of the user, who can work with a virtual server is just the same as if it were a physical machine. Each virtual machine can guarantee the full performance of the processor, dedicated memory and disk space.

VPS Virtualization – administration

With the purchase of Virtual Server / VPS / from our company, you will get access to the web interface to manage your VPS. The administration interface is a comfortable and transparent tool for full management of your VPS. Allows you to control your virtual server just as well as the physical comfort of your office. The administration interface allows the following basic functions:

  • Change the VPS BOOT order
  • Connect the ISO installation image to the virtual CDROM of your VPS
  • VNC console to control your server
  • Enabling and disabling the API interface for remote control of your server
  • Summary of monthly data transfer
  • and much more…

Try the virtual server for 5 days, totally free! Test it right now:


VPS administration

Terms and Conditions

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