About company

Motto: “Important for us is price and quality of service, but not compromises!

Axfone is a young, dynamic company founded in 2008 with a wide range of telecommunication products. We currently have offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava as well as call center available for our customers in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. All services offered by Axfone are the end product of our developers, which provides us a complete knowledge in their field and gives customers maximum flexibility in the use of individual products in their own business environment. When releasing new product on the market it is our top priority to ensure the consistency of all related services and an attractive price, but without any compromise on quality! In this way in a short time we became known as a stable hosting provider and we were able to reach leading position as a VoIP provider in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An important moment for us was also the acquisition of MVNO status and starting our own network in 2011.

Due to the wide range of services we offer, our customers are not only private households, small and medium-sized enterprises but also large international companies, government authorities and other public bodies. Our major customers include dozens of telephone operators in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Slovak Republic, to which we rent entire technology and ensure them a voice transit, while staying hidden in the background, so they can stand out in the market as a fully-fledged independent operators selling our services under their own mark.

Axfone company in dates:

November – obtaining the status of an official .cz domain registrar, launching sales ofhosting services
March – launch of web hosting services on Slovak market
May – membership in the CNPAC Association, one of the largest operators in the Czech Republic in order to ensure transfer of numbers
June – start of commercial sale of landlines of VoIP to end customers in the Czech Republic
August – completion of development and launch of telephone exchanges Axfone VirtPBX and Axfone PBX
September – start of wholesale voice services and wholesale voice transit
November – establishment of Axfone s.r.o. company in Slovak Republic
December – obtaining the status of an official domain .sk registrar
January – launching of virtual fax service Axfone
March – launch of selling customer info-line
May – obtaining of operator status on the Slovak
July – expanding sales of a complete portfolio of telecommunications services ( VoIP) previously offered only in the Czech Republic on the Slovak market
October – opening a branch in Brno
May – global SMS gateway integration with the operator interface and the launch of bulk SMS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
October – launch of commercial sales of virtual servers ( VPS ) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
November – becoming a virtual mobile operator in the Czech Republic, the sale of mobile voice services in CDMA network
December – the launch of high-speed 3G mobile internet in the Czech Republic
March – launch of foreign numbers selling service
October – registration at UKE, becoming a telecommunication operator in Poland
February – gaining the status of an official .pl domain registrar
March – the sale of virtual servers and webhosting services in Poland
April – the launch of dedicated servers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
May – the foundation of the company Axfone Hungary Kft. in Hungary
June – the launch a wholesale platform for virtual mobile operators (MVNE)
October – start selling the complete portfolio of hosting services in Hungary
March – start selling SSL certificates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary
September – after the decision of Czech Telecommunication Office, Axfone officially became an SMP (Significant Market Power)
November – the foundation of Axfone LLC in the United States
January – the status of an official distributor for Sangoma and Digium
March – the launch of a complete portfolio of hosting services in Bulgaria
June – the launch of the project shop.clevervox.com