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.YOKOHAMA has developed a distinct personality all its own as Japan’s commercial center and a major tourist attraction. A geographic TLD meant to connect the Yokohama community, .YOKOHAMA is perfect for anyone living or working in Yokohama, but it’s also perfect for business people, tourist attractions, government agencies, or anyone who blogs about life in Yokohama. It is referred to as a Geographic/Regional TLd which is often referred to as a place name of a city, town, a landmark, national park or region. The .YOKOHAMA top-level domain (TLD) is dedicated to promote the city of YOKOHAMA (Japan). It is dedicated to local economic actors and businesses, inhabitants, associations or any project related to the city YOKOHAMA.

Who can apply for the registration of .YOKOHAMA domain names?

Company or legal entities registrations allowed. Individual as well.

Any specifications?

.YOKOHAMA domains can include between 2 and 63 characters.

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