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.WTF is one of the quirky new domain extensions introduced during 2014. It is part of Hidden Way, LLC. If you have a site that caters to the delightfully weird world of online culture, a .WTF domain is a great way to break free from traditional TLDs and create a memorable online destination. You can use .WTF to blog about your favorite memes, YouTube videos, message board threads, and anything else that is worthy of a “WTF?” response.We can register, transfer or change your .WTF domains quickly and efficient.

.WTF can be used as an expression of disbelief, anger, or astonishment, and other times WTF is used to describe something truly weird and eye-catching. Whatever the application, .WTF provides a blank canvas in the Internet world for all individuals, groups, and businesses to utilize. Use .WTF as an extension for a blog, featuring videos, photos, and stories of unbelievable occurrences, or use .WTF as a consumer review forum. .WTF provides a flexible and creative alternative to the TLD norm.

Who can apply for the registration of .WTF domain names?

There are no restrictions on .WTF domain names. Anyone can register, and the domain can be used for any purpose.

Any specific requirements?

Min-length of 1 sign; Max-length-63 signed. Numbers are allowed (full-numeric); Hyphen:Allowed (middle only); IDN is not Supported.

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