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.WANG China is a dominating force on the Web.Wang is Chinese for “website”. .WANG may not be recognizable to non-Chinese users, but “wang” is a translation of the character, _, and represents the word “website.” Since the character itself could not be its own string (no one character strings were allowed), .WANG is meant as an alternative for Chinese users across the globe. Some .WANG domain names are restricted. Company or legal entities registrations are allowed for .WANG. Individual .WANG registrations are allowed. You don’t need trademark/brand name to register .WANG. With .WANG being such a recognizable term for Chinese websites, you can make sure that it’s super easy for your Chinese visitors to remember your web address with a .WANG domain.

Who can apply for the registration of .WANG domain names?

.WANG can be used by anyone, for any purpose, making it a great extension for hooking into the Chinese global community. It is perfect for anyone who belongs to this community, whether as an individual, company, or organization.

Any specific requirements?

Domains for .WANG are unrestricted.

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