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.VIAJES is generic top-level domain for the Spanish-speaking community. It provides the perfect domain for the market of Tourism in Latin America, and any travel industry in the Spanish-speaking market sector. .VIAJES can be used by any individual, group, or business for any purpose, and its flexible functionality makes it useful for travel agents, tour companies, rental services, travel bloggers, travel merchandise retailers, guidebooks, sites featuring maps of cities, hikes, and waterways, and more.

The .VIAJES domain name perfect for travel-related websites that have a primarily Spanish-speaking audience. If you own a hotel, hostel, travel agency, or are involved in the tourist industry in Spain, or in any Spanish speaking country, then a .VIAJES domain name is perfect for you. If your travel- or tourism-related business has a presence in a Spanish-speaking country, a .VIAJES domain name is great for localizing your marketing efforts and catering to a specific group of customers.

It the perfect fit for businesses targeting. The .VIAJES domain is for businesses, for bloggers and hobbyists.

Who can apply for the registration of .VIAJES domain names?

.VIAJES can be used by any individual, group, or business. It’s flexible enough to be useful to travel agents, rental services, hotels and resorts, tour guides, and anyone else involved in the tourism industry.

Any specific requirements?

Your .VIAJES domain can contain special characters. The .VIAJES domain may only contain numbers. If you buy a .VIAJES-domain, it is allowed to have 3 – 63 signs. Do not place hyphens at the beginning or at the end of a domain nor put 2 consecutive ones.

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