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.RENTALS is generic top-level domain is an all new namespace for the real estate industry, and is perfect for property managers, rental agents and home finder sites.
.RENTALS provides an open, easily searchable namespace for just that. The .RENTALS extension is not only perfect for businesses that specialize in rentals, it can also be used as a separate, purposed page on a business’s existing website, or even for enterprising individuals looking to rent out their stuff on the side.

.Rentals is perfect for the rental industry and makes it possible to increase visibility on the Web. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your domain name quickly and efficiently.

Who is entitled to register a domain within domain .RENTALS?

There are no restrictions on .RENTALS registrations, so you can use the domain for any purpose.

Are there any specifications?

These domain names can have a up to 63 characters, with a minimum of 3 characters, and can contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (except in the 3rd or 4th characters of the domain name). You cannot register domain names with special characters such as & and #.

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