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.REISEN is generic top-level domain (gTLD) is an all new namespace for the travel industry, and is perfect for vacation sites, travel blogs and related businesses in German-speaking communities.
.REISEN is meant to help all members of the tourist and travel sectors network and market by providing a recognizable and pertinent domain name space for travel agents, travel companies, rental companies, travel bloggers, and all other sectors of this expansive industry. If you have a travel-focused website, a .REISEN domain is a great way to appeal to German-speaking customers. Travel agents, travel companies, rental companies, travel bloggers, and anyone else involved in the travel industry can benefit from a .REISEN domain—especially anyone with a German audience. The word ‘reisen’ means ‘travel’ in German.

This domain is attractive and useful to end-users as it better facilitates search, self-expression, information sharing and the provision of legitimate goods and services. It is a generic term and its second level names will be attractive to a variety of Internet users.The .REISEN TLD will be of interest to the millions of individuals and organizations involved in the business or enjoyment of travel. This very large and diverse group includes those involved in transportation, accommodation and lodging, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and exploration, travel education, adventure travel, travel writing, and other commercial and non-commercial pursuits. The TLD also is useful to the many worldwide who elect to comment on travel providers, destinations, tours, etc., or who simply wish to catalogue their travel experiences or otherwise have a forum for self-expression.

We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your domain name .REISEN quickly and efficiently.

Who is entitled to register a domain within domain .REISEN?

There are no restrictions on .REISEN registrations, so you can use the domain for any purpose.

Are there any specifications?

There is a minimum number of 3 characters required. The maximum number of characters is 63. Purely numerical domains are allowed. Domain names cannot begin or end with a dash (“-”).

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