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.MENU is generic top-level domain for the food service industry, and is perfect for property restaurants, menu designers and food sites. .MENU offers a domain extension specialized for showcasing menus – as an extension of a current webpage, or as a stand-alone feature. .MENU can also be used by chefs looking to create portfolios online, foodies who blog about new recipe ideas, and amateur chefs sharing tips and ideas. The .MENU TLD is tailor-made for giving your restaurant’s menu a specific online home. Your .MENU could be used as a forwarding link to the menu page on your existing restaurant website, or you could create a new standalone site. It could be used to share recipes, blog about your favorite dishes, or review your favorite eateries.

This is domain for the online community for all activities and interests related to restaurants. This new top-level domain offers restaurants, chefs, families, and anyone else interested in food, their very own segment of the Internet. Everyone will know what to expect when they see your restaurant .MENU. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your domain name .MENU quickly and efficiently. The potential uses for this domain are limitless.

Who is entitled to register a domain within domain .MENU?

Everyone can register .MENU domain name – individuals, companies and legal entities. Some domain names may be permanently or temporarily reserved or restricted for registry operations. The extension is relevant and eye-catching to fashionistas, regardless of location.

Are there any specifications?

Domains for .MENU are unrestricted. There is a minimum number of 3 characters required. The maximum number of characters is 63. Purely numerical domains are allowed. Domain names cannot begin or end with a dash (“-”).

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