Domain Registration

Information of .CC domain registration

Domain registration for 1 year
Extending of the Domain with 1 year
Fee for changing the domain owner

.CC is the extension to register a domainname for Cocos Islands. Realtime Register is official member of VERISIGN. We can register, transfer or change your .CC domainname quickly and efficient. The Registry for a .cc domainname you can find at

Who can register a .CC domainname?

Everyone in the world can register an .CC domainname.

Are there specific requirements to register a .CC domainname?

Minimum 1 character. Maximum 63 characters. At least one character has to be in the domain name (not only numbers). You can’t start or end a .CC domainname with a (“-”) sign. And a (“-”) can’t be in the third of fourth position.


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