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The service provided to the client is a VM server (. Webhost) using the Internet. The term webhosting is the definition of (rental) of a space on a server of a provider, data transfer using HTTP traffic over the Internet, and e-mail accounts for sending and receiving e-mail.

The customer can order any number of domain names from the service provider, unless these services are subject to a special offer.

The customer pays the agreed price for the services provided by the supplier. Prices are defined by the applicable current price list, which is continuously available on the website of the provider.

After ordering services from the provider a call for payment is sent to the customer to the email address specified in the order, which includes a recap of the order and all necessary information for making the payment. Customers from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic are available separate bank accounts with banks in a particular country (in CZK Czech Republic led by Raiffeisen Bank and in EUR Slovak Republic at Tatra banka). After payment of the full amount of the order to the bank account the ordered services will be activated as soon as possible and sent to the email client with all the access data necessary to manage services. Then the customer is sent an invoice billed in the primary currency of the particular country (for CR in CZK, for SR in EUR) with a quantified value added tax valid in all European Union countries.

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Customers from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic have separate bank accounts available with banks in a particular country (in CZK Czech Republic led by Raiffeisen Bank and in EUR SR at Tatra banka).

Legal and further information

According to the rules of SK – NIC it is only possible to register a .SK domain for entities such as citizens residing or companies doing business in the Slovak Republic.

Registration procedure .SK domain for entity established in Slovakia.
1 Customer orders domain the standard way through our online form.
2 After paying the registration fee to our account the customer gets an e-mail sent to the contact e-mail address with the framework contract generated by SK-NIC, including the data given during the registration of the domain. (If you have already valid registeration with SK – NIC it is important to send us your user ID assigned to you by SK-NIC. Ensure that in your framework contract your  registrar’s ID is AXFO-0004!)
3 Please print this proposal and do according to these points depending if you are:
LEGAL PERSON authorized to do business in the territory of the Slovakia. The document has to be confirmed by  signature and stamp (if there is no stamp, the signature must be verified by a notary) shall be accompanied by a valid original certificate of incorporation (not older than 3 months), or a copy of it
LEGAL PERSON on the territory of Slovakia – as a non-business person the document is confirmed by signature and stamp (if that is not a stamp, signature must be verified by a notary) shall be accompanied by the appropriate documents proving legal personality
PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL – entrepreneur in the territory Slovakia. The document has to be confirmed by  signature and stamp (if there is no stamp, the signature must be verified by a notary) the copy of the business license has to be attached as well
PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL - Non-Business person, citizen of Slovakia 18 years or older needs to authenticate age and nationality with personal identification documents verified by a notary.
SK-NIC has the right to request additional documents and information in its sole discretion.
4 After verification form and completeness of documents please send them to the address: SK-NIC: MAIL BOX: 00 49840 Bratislava 4, Slovakia
5 Upon receipt and review of data you sent SK – NIC will assign an identifier (NIC-Handle) to you, making it clear that this Framework Agreement has been accepted. This identifier will be used when registering a domain, or possibly when migrating an existing domain to another registrar.
If the user did not submit the above documents within the given period, SK-NIC is not required to verify the Framework Agreement with the customer and send the identifier. In this case, SK-NIC will inform the customer about the reasons of the unsuccessful framework contract.
6 Domain registration is initiated at the time when the framework contract is concluded and the user becomes client of SK – NIC.  If the registration of the domain ordered already by a registered SK-NIC user, the domain registration is opened after the payment of the registration fee.
ATTENTION! If the client fails to deliver the Framework Agreement on SK-NIC at the time of booking 14 days after the registration of the domain, the provider is not entitled to refund of the amount paid. Amount for the registration can be returned only if the cancel of the reservation is requested in writing within the 14 day period.

Mandate agreement

Mandate Agreement for registration of .sk domain representates agency agreement for the .sk domain registration in electronic form.
1. Axfone s.r.o. agrees that the Customer shall register a Slovakian domain name and subsequently take care of the maintenance of this domain and the Customer has all the rights to use the domain during the term of this contract. Given that the existing Slovakian rules for registering .sk domain names do not allow the holder of the domain name registration be other than a Slovak entity, Axfone ensure the registration and maintenance of domain over the Slovakian branch, Axfone s.r.o. (AXFO-0004).
2. Customer agrees to comply with all the obligations that are imposed on the holder of the domain rule, to provide the namespace on the Internet for .sk domain: pay the registration and maintenance fees, use your own domain for commercial, promotional or other purposes in accordance with the laws of Slovakia and take the fact into consideration that the domain can not publish information that may harm another person, or violate the legal order of Slovakia.
3. The Customer registers the domain in accordance with the data filled in the order form on the site.
4. The Client or the Customer-authorized entity in the order listed as the payer agrees to pay for the domain according to the registration fee in the valid price list of Axfone. The price is payable upon delivery of the request for payment sent by email to the address given during the registration with Axfone.
5. Axfone undertakes to fulfill this contract with due care. Axfone is responsible for any damage caused by the Customer, and that domain is not eligible to use due to non-fulfillment of obligations by Axfone, as registered holder of the domain in relation with SK-NIC, a national provider of .sk domain on the Internet. Axfone is freed from this responsibility in the event that Axfone was unable to determine or predict the incapacity of the operation and the usage of the domain while maintaining professional care from the beginning.
6. The total potential compensation for damages in connection with this agreement is limited to the Parties to the amount paid by the customer to Axfone for services provided under this Agreement in the calendar year in which they would be entitled to make any compensation for damages incurred.
7. This Treaty is concluded for an indefinite period. Each party has the right to terminate this contract at the time of an anniversary (payment of maintenance fees) of the domain. In the event that any of the obligations under Article 2 of this Contract, Axfone is entitled to unilaterally terminate this agreement and freely dispose of this domain. The period of notice in this case ten days after receipt of the notice from Axfone. During the notice period shall commence a written (letter, fax, email) notice to the other party on the date of receipt.
8. Participants in this Agreement declare that they are legally competent. Their intention expressed by this contract is to determine freely and seriously, that they do not act under duress or at arm’s length and their freedom to sign the contract was not limited.

Change of registrar:
Changing registrar is charged at 190, - excluding VAT and subject to the applicable rules on registration .SK domains. Changes are possible by the signing of a notarial document verification, which is prepared in cooperation with the association of SK-NIC, Ltd.
The date of expiration of the association SK-NIC, Ltd. disabled DNS records, in practice, a domain ceases to function, and moves to the withdrawal period (quarantine) for a period of 45 days. During this time it is possible to extend the domain. Removal from the quarantine of charge.
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