Domain Registration

Information of .COM domain registration

Domain registration for 1 year
Extending of the Domain with 1 year
Fee for changing the domain owner

.COM is the extension to register domains for general purposes. Realtime Register is official member of VERISIGN. We can register, transfer or change your .COM domains quickly and efficient. The Registry for .COM domains you can find at

Who can register .COM domains?

Everyone in the world can register .COM domains.

Are there specific requirements to register .COM domains?

Minimum 2 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can’t start or end .COM domains with a (“-”) sign.


Change of registrar:
Changing the registrar is always associated with a one year extension of the domain, for detailed information please contact the Axfone Customer Service.
The date of expiration activates the withdrawal period (quarantine), during this period the domain may be extended by only the original domain owner. Removing the domain from the quarantine is charged according to the current pricelist (approximately 120 USD without VAT).
More information: