Partnership programme

Looking for new ways to increase your profits and benefit from the rich telecommunications market? If yes, our affiliate program is what you need. After signing the contract you will become a virtual operator, offering a complete portfolio of mobile (GSM Network T-Mobile) and stationary (VoIP) voice services and high-speed CDMA mobile internet. We will provide you with the technology that will give you almost unlimited mobile and fixed telephone numbers for your customers. We will deliver voice and data services in wholesale prices, which are due to the technology used at the lowest in the country. The Axfone will remain fully hidden and therefore you can choose  to act as an independent body on your country’s market and work on building your own brand.

What will you get?

  • absolute freedom in deciding in which direction you will lead your sales strategy – the market will treat you as an independent and full-featured virtual operator in mobile and fixed network
  • supply of national and international voice and data services, IP gateways, IP phones, modems for mobile internet, hardware and virtual PBX, all at wholesale prices
  • lease of PBX operator with advanced billing module for symbolic fee
  • any number of mobile and fixed (geographic) numbers covering the whole of the Czech Republic, including realizing the nomadicity block and toll-free lines
  • Web interface for account management for you and your end users, fully integrated into your own websites with on-line surveys, administration, credits, etc.
  • modern billing system with the convenient option of creating your own sales strategy without restriction (including any pricing, own selling prices, fees and packages of free minutes etc..) with the analysis of profits for individual customers
  • We will provide you the basic legal requirements, including the ability to transfer both fixed and mobile numbers to their own networks and transmission of geographic information on the emergency number

Not oriented in telecommunications issues?

It doesn’t matter! Our specialists will be happy to help you not only with the start of services, but also with its operation.

And how much will it all cost?

Absolutely nothing! Our profit flows solely from the realized amount of calls. For providing a complete “know-how” and full technical support associated with deploying and operating the service you do not pay any monthly fees. If you use offer of complete technology for obtaining traffic on your network, including billing from us, you do not pay anything for renting. You pay only a symbolic monthly fee for the operation of modern technology in Telehouse on our hardware (no more than two hundred crowns per month).

Are you a VoIP operator that operates its own network on its own technology? Take advantage of our voice transit with a full range of related services!

What can we offer?

  •  termination of calls to your country and the rest of the world in excellent wholesale pricesthe
  • as only VoIP provider in the Czech Republic we realize major national and international interconnection links solely through conventional ISDN E1 connections with only 5% of the total calls done through SIP / IAX connections (exotic international destination). All voice transit will therefore be transferred in best quality!
  • assigned to you upon request Czech and Slovak geographic and nomadic telephone numbers from our range
  • we will provide you number portability to your network in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia
  • for the operation of the service you do not have to pay any regular monthly subscription fees
  • connect with your technology according to your requirements. We offer all used methods of transit connection – E1 ISDN, SIP, IAX / IAX2, H.323, including the possibility of an encrypted voice VPN tunnel

Are you interested in our wholesale offer and you need more information? Please contact us. We are ready to offer individual solution according to your requirements and current needs.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions – PDF format

We will be happy to offer you the prices based on your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us.