Domain Registration

Information of .RO domain registration

Domain registration for 1 year
Extending of the Domain with 1 year
Fee for changing the domain owner

. RO is an extension for registration of domain names for Romania. It is the Internet top-level domain for Romania. Administered by the National Institute for R & ampD. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change your .RO domain name quickly and effectively. Registrar for .RO domain name can be found at

Who can register a .RO domain name?

Everyone in the world can register a .RO domain name.

Are there special requirements for registration na .RO domain Imagna?

The standard Latin alphabet and to z, without diacritics, Arabic numerals 0 through 9 and the hyphen “-”. The domain name can not begin or end with a dash and can not contain two consecutive hyphens “-”. Minimum of 3 characters. A maximum of 63 characters. At – least one character must be a domain name (not only numbers).

Change of registrar:
Expiry date activates the so-called period of protection (quarantine), at the time domain can be renewed only by the original owner. The removal of the quarantine is paid in accordance with the valid price list.
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