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. BG is a popular top-level domain intended for Bulgaria. It is domain of the REGISTER.BG. Rules for registration in .BG comply with the Bulgarian legislation and with the current Internet rules and principles. Registration of domain .BG zone is related to additional requirements, including identification of the Registrant (the person who will register domain) and signing the application for registration. Upon registration of domain .bg domain registrant must identify, by providing the relevant document for identification. The registrant may be natural or legal person. We can arrange your registration, transfer and / or change your .VG domain name quickly and effectively. .VG Registrar for domain name can be found at .

Who .BG registration of domain name is intended?

Persons holding commercial or legal registration in Bulgaria or in another EU country or have been established by the Bulgarian state authority; entities set up under an agreement between Bulgaria and other countries; companies and organizations registered abroad that are in the Republic of Bulgaria registered branch or commercial representation. Citizens of Bulgaria, foreigners with permanent residence in the country or those of a member country of the EU. Persons registered abroad, authorized a third party to register a domain. The authorized person must be eligible for registration.

Are there special requirements for registration na .VG domain name?

During the registration internet name, thereby forming a domain must be both valid and appropriate. Allowed symbols for internet name: the letters of the Latin alphabet (ASCII) regardless of uppercase and lowercase [AZ, az]; Cyrillic letters regardless of uppercase and lowercase [AZ, az] in compliance. When internet name is written in Cyrillic (IDN), it must contain only letters of the Cyrillic alphabet and include at least one distinctive visual point to the Latin alphabet (large and / or small letters): b, d, e, g, and, j, l, n, u, w, h, y, z, r, L, S. When this requirement can not be met, the internet name must be written in letters from the Latin alphabet; numbers [0-9] minus sign [-]. The first and last character must be a letter or number. It is recommended that the first character is a letter. The length of the internet name must be at least 3 but no more than 63 characters. When formed INTERNET NAME consists of two characters, the Registry recommends inserting a minus sign ‘-’ between the characters. When the name is a composite between individual words or initial characters of words that are used to form the name can be an hyphen (-).

Change of registrar:
Changing of registrar is carried out free of charge. On the order form you can select whether you want to change the registrar including a year extension or not.
The date of expiration activates the protection period (quarantine), which is 45 days long. During this period the domain may be extended by only the original domain owner. Removing the domain from the quarantine is free of charge.
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