Linux VPS – current offer

We extended our offer of operating systems for virtual servers. You can now use the distribution of Debian Stretch, Ubuntu 17.04, openSUSE or FreeBSD. These are installations with full root ... Více

Clever4Vox – Telecommunication partner

We have strong experience as telecommunication operator, for that reason we prepared special offers for single users, small companies or either corporations. Wholesale VoIP Termination DID the best VoIP numbers ... Více

Axfone VPS – Windows server 2016

In our offer of operating systems for your virtual server, you can use very effective Windows server 2016. In our Axfone virtual platform you’ll find: - Integrated security - Support ... Více

Axfone Disc – 5 GB free for your data

Save your photos, videos, data files or camera recordings. Activate 5 GB disc for free (also applies to renewal!) Storage for any files Unlimited access from everywhere Upgrade disc capacity ... Více

PHP 7.1 support for your hosting services

Dear customers, We have prepared support for the latest version of PHP 7.1., so it is available for all Axfone hosting plans:      FREE Hosting      SINGLE Hosting      MULTI ... Více

VPS – flexible offer of private servers

The best solution for private virtual server with configuration options according to your needs (optional parameters CPU, RAM, disk space and number of IPv4 and IPv6) and choice of operating ... Více

Telecommunication for professionals

Our offer is directed primarily to operators and large customers, but our services are available for every kind of customer. - Unbeatable price on the voice service market - High-quality ... Více

Axfone disc – 5 GB free for everyone

Up to 1000 GB for your pictures, music, work data or for backup of your virtual server. 5 GB absolutely for free for try out or for normal use. Universal ... Více

Clever4VOX – your new telecommunication partner

Cheapest call to the whole world? Yes, you can have the best available quality products and price thank to our interconnection with dozens of operators from all around the world. ... Více

Axfone virtual servers – 5 days for free

- 5 days of free testing - 50% discount for all new orders - Best prices of components and licenses - Broad application of VPS server You can find informations ... Více